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Chain of sports food stores

Expert consulting — 3 months
Breakeven point is reached
[Business exists 7 years]
Revenue before
16 000 000 RUB / month
Net profit before
-700 000 RUB / month
Revenue after
16 850 000 RUB / month
Net profit after
150 000 RUB / month
Point A
20 regional stores.
Monthly loss.
Breakeven point is reached
Point B
The product matrix is revised, the value proposal is re-formulated, sales algorithm is improved.
Other cases
Revenue growth x3
Expert consulting — 4 months
Supplier of consumables in b2b sector
Revenue growth x10
Expert consulting — 3 months
Network of massage salons
Revenue growth x4,5
Support for entering new markets — 4 months
Online bed linen shop
New concept, revenue growth
Expert consulting — 2 months
Cleaning company
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