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WEI GROUP — your growth team.

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About us
We also provide consulting and project support for the main business processes.

We will become your responsible and civilized business partner who will guide you to the new market or help you to grow business indicators.

We help Russian & foreign companies to enter new markets quickly, efficiently & safely in order to expand their sales revenue.

Advantages of partnership
Why is it beneficial to enter a new market with the WEI Group team
We will save your management resource – by entirely coordinating the work on entering a new market and providing you with the necessary level of control.
We will save your time resource – by coping with the task of entering a new market in 4-8 weeks.
We will save your money resource – the work of our team will cost at least twice as cheap as taking a similar team on staff.
You will not have to distract the human resource from your main business line.
We will take care of legal & foreign economic specifics, if necessary.
If necessary, we will help to further scale sales.
We will provide in-depth expert consulting in the areas of sales, marketing, management, quality standards.
You won’t have to
Understand the conjuncture of a new market by your own.
Overcome language and cultural barriers.
Take risks by establishing trade relations with unverified companies.
Persuade Russian companies to sell your product.
Agree to terms that do not satisfy you.
Understand by your own the legal and accounting formalities of working on the new market.
The regional markets of Russia
Import-substituting niches
The export markets
Scarce niches with "friendly" imports
We’ll implement for you the start entry to
Directions of our work

Leasing of our prepared project team for the goals and objectives of your business

This is your opportunity to assemble the necessary team for specific goals or a project. It will cost you half as much as a similar team as your company’s staff. And this team is twice as fast to cope with the task of the project compared to the operational team of the business.

Expert consulting

Our team consists of experienced specialists who are used to solving complex and ambitious tasks. They practice in the fields of marketing, sales, management, foreign economic operations, quality control, automation and digitalization of processes, implementing of innovations. So we offer you strong expert support in these areas.

Monitoring (evaluation) of your team

We are ready to get high-quality feedback from your team in the format of a detailed individual conversation about the successes, problems and features of their activities in the company. Based on the results of the survey, draw up an expert opinion and develop practical recommendations on tools for working with your team. Our clients make team monitoring for various purposes: to find growth points, to select effective tools of crisis overcoming, to transform the team, to form a corporate culture & others. The task is performed focussed for your goal.
— We will find and select the most promising distributors;
— Will check them for reliability;
— Will help to draw up and conclude a distribution contract;
— Will help the distributor to realize the first sales,
will find the most effective way to sell your products in a new market for further sales growth
We will make express-analysis of the market in order to evaluate and forecast demand and market volume. Our client can make a reasonable decision about entering the Russian market, without the risk of unprofitable investments.

Fast access to new markets

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Our approach
Minimize risks at the start
Аct quickly
Due to: methodically developed technology, modern digital solutions (including own developments), strong expertise, the ready-made team, optimization of all processes, business tracking as a tool that helps to move so quickly as possible according to an agreed strategy.
Do it cheaper than when starting without us
We achieve the goal faster at lower costs due to: minimum team necessary for success, clearly focused KPIs of all project participants, no need to hire expensive personnel to the Client’s company, optimize all monetary and time costs.
Increase security for the Client
We pursue only the interests of the Client. We ensure transparency of our actions for the Client and minimize the risks of information leakage.
Provide continuous sales development
If necessary, we will provide continuous expert consulting of the project in order to maintain its intensive development on the new markets.
Provide continuity of knowledge and methods
All the results of the work in the project remain with the Client. When exit the project, the WEI team provides the Client with transitional period of methodological support.
How do we achieve the target result for you
First we think, then we do. Focus on the target result. Create the best strategy to achieve the Client's goal.
The WEI Group team
Anna Borovaya
Marketing director
Olga Kuzmina
Managing partner
Margarita Set
Development director
Maria Shugaeva
The head of Customer service
Specialists in foreign economic activity
Lawyer and commercial security specialist
Sales managers
Marketing specialists
Recruitment specialist
Business trackers
Technical support
Quality control specialists
Automation and digitalization specialists
Our team consists of:
Let's discuss your business goals and objectives
Leave a request. We will contact you, answer your questions and schedule an online meeting
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