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Monitoring (evaluation) of your team

We are ready to get high-quality feedback from your team in the format of a detailed individual conversation about the successes, problems and features of their activities in the company.
Based on the results of the survey, draw up an expert opinion and develop practical recommendations on tools for working with your team.

Our clients make team monitoring for various purposes: to find growth points, to select effective tools of crisis overcoming, to transform the team, to form a corporate culture & others.
The task is performed focussed for your goal.
1. External opinion about the situation in the team from experienced manager (over 15 years of practice on the level above the middle)

2. Possibility for the team to get revealed by reporting some information anonymously

3. Possibility for the team to devote special time to think about their work in the company and search for growth points

4. Additional nonfinancial motivation for the team (their opinion is important)

5. Possibility for the manager to fix the current situation for further evaluation of dynamics

6. Additional business tools to work with the team and achieve the goals (new ideas)
The Client is provided with a team assessment according to agreed parameters (frequent options: loyalty, degree of burnout, motivation, potential, problems, growth points, features of interaction noticed by employees eyes, additional WEI recommendations on working with a specific team).
Service includes
1. Deep analysis of your team on a specially prepared survey conversation

2. Expert feedback about motivation, loyalty, degree of burnout, employee potential

3. Searching for growth points of the company and contradictions in business processes by the opinion of employees

4. Support the owner or manager in making a reasonable decision on the transformation of the team. We help to define employees with high potential who can be the strong team base. And those who pull the team result down

5. Support the owner in finding additional keys to effective management of his/her team
To make individual conversations with employees by external expert (level of the interlocutor — experienced manager above middle level) in order to achieve Client's business task.
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