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Directions of our work

Entering new markets

WEI Group is the technological consulting company for effective sales of goods and services in Russia and other countries.

We help Russian & foreign companies to enter new markets quickly, efficiently & safely in order to expand their sales revenues just for 4-8 weeks.

We will become your responsible and civilized business partner who will guide you to the new market.
1. We will save your management resource – by entirely coordinating the work on entering a new market and providing you with the necessary level of control.

2. We will save your time resource – by coping with the task of entering a new market in 4-8 weeks.

3. We will save your money resource – the work of our team will cost at least twice as cheap as taking a similar team on staff.

4. You will not have to distract the human resource from your main business line.

5. We will take care of legal & foreign economic specifics, if necessary.

6. If necessary, we will help to further scale sales.

7. We will provide in-depth expert consulting in the areas of sales, marketing, management, quality standards.
For companies who want to introduce their goods and services to external markets quickly and efficiently, including deficit niches.
For whom
You won’t have to:
Understand the conjuncture of a new market by your own.
Overcome language and cultural barriers.
Take risks by establishing trade relations with unverified companies.
Persuade other companies to sell your product.
Agree to terms that do not satisfy you.
Understand by your own the legal and accounting formalities of working on the new market.
We will find for you the best distributors who will focus on long-term cooperation and active sales of your products on the new market.
We will help to conclude a contract for distribution, make the first sales and increase sales results.
Our technology
Express-analysis of a new market
To estimate and predict the demand and market volume.
Express-analysis is implemented. Our client can make a reasonable decision about entering the Russian market.
At minimal cost, the risk of unprofitable investments is removed.
Searching and negotiating with distributors on the new market
To find and make interested in partnership several distributors with high potential for sales of Client’s products.
The client is provided by the list of verified companies, that meet the Client’s criteria, interested in cooperation and ready to sign a distribution contract.
Support of the distribution contract conclusion
To provide signing a contract with one or more promising distributors.
Contracts with one or more promising distributors for the delivery of Client’s products to the new market are successfully signed.
To scale sales of the Client’s products through distributors on the new market
To perform the target sales plan of the Client's goods and services on the new market.
The most promising client segments are defined, the first manual sales are made, the working sales algorithm is realized.
Creation of attractive USP (unique value proposition) for the new market
To make the Clients's trading offer clear and attractive for target customers on the new market.
Client is provided by marketing presentation that is appropriate to request on the new market.
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