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Your success is our success

We help Russian and foreign companies quickly, efficiently and safely enter new markets and increase revenue by selling their goods and services in 4−8 weeks.
WEI Group is a technological consulting company for the organization of effective sales of goods and services in Russia and other countries.
About us
Main directions of our work
Fast and safe access to new markets, including foreign markets.
Expert consulting on the main business processes.
Leasing of our prepared project team for the goals and objectives of your business.
Monitoring (evaluation) of your team.
The WEI Group company was formed at the end of 2021 on the basis of a successfully functioning consulting business.
The long-term experience of four experts in the field of business development has been transformed into several new products that has no analogues on the Russian consulting market.
— We are able to create a working strategy together with the Client
— We do it ourselves or together with the client's team
— We know how to implement this strategy in practice
Our approach
We use business tracking — a methodology of quick results.
We know how to create products and bring them to market.
We are able to clearly focus the team on the goal. Together with the Client we run to the goal faster and more accurately.
We have extensive expertise and business observation, but we "ship" to the team precisely what exactly leads to the result.
We have experience in organizing businesses and projects.
projects implemented
markets our experience of work
millions rubles additionally earned by our customers
expert speeches on business development topics
hours of business tracking practice for external teams
The WEI Group team
Anna Borovaya
Marketing director
–Business-tracker certified in IIDF & Right Track
–800+ hours of personal practice in business tracking
–Marketing strategist with more than 20 years of experience in Russian and international companies
–International EMC Degree in marketing
–Speaker of SEZ Innopolis, SPBGEU
–Speaker & Mentor of HSE.FEST
–Mentor of the Ingria Business Incubator
–Moderator and mentor of Skolkovo Lab
Olga Kuzmina
Managing partner
–19 years in management
–Teams of up to 700 people
–Technological projects up to $15.5 millions
–Management of the IT services provision for 22 thousand users
Margarita Set
Development Director
–18 years in sales and international project management
–Working experience in the Lux and Bespoke segments
–Representation of the company at international exhibitions (Italy, France, Germany, Monaco)
–Business events organization in Russia and abroad
–Leadership positions in Boat International, ACMG (Forbes, OK!,L’officiel etc.)
Maria Shugaeva
Head of Customer Service
–15 years in management
–Teams of up to 120 people
–Federal level projects
–Member of the jury of the Bortnik Foundation (Promotion of entrepreneurship in the scientific and technical field)
–Management of the IT services procision for 20 thousand users
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