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Where does the decline in business begin?
It starts with stability. The period when everything is good in the company.

The sales volume is growing and the profit margin is high. But there is some complacency. The company is imperceptibly losing its appetite for innovation. Creativity ceases to be a priority.

The result: missed market opportunities and a weaker skill to react to changes quickly.
If the founder doesn’t realize what is happening at this stage, sooner or later in the company's strategy, cost reduction will prevail over revenue growth. And the process will prevail over the result. Instead of looking for reasons, the team will start looking for the culprits. And then the company will become bureaucratic and die. This process can be time-consuming, but its essence is exactly that.
The necessary and sufficient level of discipline is provided by a team of strong managers.
In order to keep the entrepreneurial passion alive, a continuous process of innovation must be launched in the company.
The only winning strategy is to bring the business to prosperity and keep it in this state.

The prosperity is the stage when a company functions at the peak of its capabilities. And this means that a balance of discipline and entrepreneurial passion has been achieved.
Due to innovations company:

To find points of growth and organically launch the process of innovation in the company so that it remains in a state of prosperity — at the peak of its effectiveness — for as long as possible.

The launch models are different, it is necessary to choose the best option for your company.
The mission of the WEI Group company
The WEI Group team at your request:
Updates and supplements its product portfolio
Enters new markets
Anticipates its clients wishes
Gets ahead of the competition
Transforms its own management system
—Will select a model for launching the innovation process;
—Will offer practical tools for the formation of innovative thinking in the team;
—Will help to create your own innovative structure in the company (business sandbox);
—Will identify the reasons that hinder innovation in the company. And will help to overcome them in the shortest way.
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